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Your clients’ most valuable asset isn’t their home, car or family heirlooms – it’s their ability to earn income to finance their life and their family’s lives. Unfortunately, a serious illness or accident can keep your client from their job and eliminate or reduce their income resulting in financial instability. Studies show that 43% of all people age 40 experience a long-term disability before they reach age 65. Chronic diseases (such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes) are leading causes of disability in the U.S.

Most disability quotes are requested for the maximum monthly benefit available based upon the client’s income. The premiums for this benefit often exceed the client’s expectations and the sale is never completed. Consider quoting a monthly benefit amount that will cover the client’s mortgate/rent payment and other basic living expenses. If the quoted premium amount meets your client’s expectations, you could possibly increase the benefit amount to cover other extra expenses. It is better to provide protection on a limited basis rather than no protection when a client becomes disabled due to accident or illness.

We offer Personal Disability and Business Overhead Coverage products written by Assurity Life Insurance Company.
To obtain a formal disability quote, download and complete the quote request form. Contact us for specific product information and benefits.

Disability Quote Request Form